Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Adventure Starts Tonight

At 9:25 tonight, Team Tabasamu boards Virgin Atlantic Flight #002 and wings its way from Newark Airport to London, England. The Team will arrive in London Friday morning, spend the day in London and then catch another red-eye to Nairobi, Kenya, arriving Saturday at 6:05 AM -- 11:05 PM EST. After a bumpy eight hour drive that will take the Team through the extraordinary Great Rift Valley and across the Equator, the Team will arrive in Kitale, Kenya.

If the technology is working, daily updates will be posted on this blog beginning Sunday, September 23rd!! Wish us luck!

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Kitt Hermann said...

Hey Dad Hermann. I'm sure this note finds you well - code word for exhausted. We look forward to many successful updates. You now finally get to use that Harvard Medical Degree you've always told us about.

Much love,
Kitt, Eileen,& Trey.