Sunday, October 01, 2006

Jambo!! Today is October 1st, but each of us will be taking turns writing
about what we experienced the day before. Kaylyn and I are sitting in the
Cyber Cafe in "downtown" Kitale, Kenya wanting you to know that Team
Tabasamu made it to Kitale after flying five hours to London, flying eight
hours to Nairobi and driving seven hours to Kitale. (Former
Vice-presidential candidate Sen. John Edwards was on our flight and said a
kind "hello.") Despite a little rain on the drive to Kitale, we enjoyed
witnessing the splendor and vastness of the Great Rift Valley, where
civilization began. We got chills as we crossed the Equator, and we saw
enough monkeys and zebras to temporarily satisfy our thirst to see some
African wildlife. We lost only one bag along the way (during the flight,
that is). We were greeted at the Bishop Muge Conference Center, where we
are staying, by Rev. and Dorcas Chemengich who have made this trip possible.
There isn't much to say about this first day except that the entire gang
is excited to be in Kenya and to do what we came here to do. We
anticipate a lot of living, laughing and loving over the course of our stay.
(Please be sure to scroll down the entire blog to find out more about what
happened prior to this trip.) Amani, Otho